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Wake up and smell the Coffee

150 pound bags of raw coffee beansI’ve been doing some photography for Whole Foods recently. They have been sending me to photograph the production of various local food products for use in marketing and store decor. This time it was off to Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn to get images of the coffee roasting process. What can’t be conveyed through images though, is the smell of all that roasting coffee… Mmmmm!

The process here starts with raw coffee beans roasted in small batches, 30lbs at a time. …read more →

Point & Shoot from 117,597 Feet

View of Earth from 117,597 feetWell it took them three tries, but on August 11th, three amateur radio operators and a teacher from the Edmonton, Alberta area succeeded in sending a digital camera to an altitude of over 100,000 feet aboard a helium weather balloon.

After two failed attempts in 2006, the project called SABLE-3 (Southern Alberta Balloon Launch Experiment #3) sent a Nikon Coolpix P2 digital camera and a GPS transmitter aloft, carried by a helium weather balloon. The camera was set to take one picture every minute, which it did for the next 2.5 hours. 150 pictures later and 117,597 feet higher, the camera took its last image (seen above) before the balloon popped. The camera then took 46 more images on the way down as it fell back to Earth slowed by a small parachute.

Read the whole story and see more images here.

(via transbuddha)

Do NOT try this at home

WOW! I can actually ride a unicycle fairly well, but watching this video of Kris Holm scared the CRAP out me!

I started riding unicycles in about 1978. My next door neighbor Cliff’s friends all rode unicycles, and he got his own unicycle that summer. Cliff’s sister Stephanie and I would practice riding his “wheel” when he was wasn’t using it. She then got her own unicycle, and I bought it off of her at some point. By the next summer, all of our friends either had or could ride a unicycle. Cliff and I both got really good, learning many tricks; riding backwards, riding with one foot only, spinning, up curbs, down stairs, hopping up and down, and even riding the tall “giraffe” unicycle. We all rode for years, but life goes on and there were new (career-type) skills to learn. …read more →

Michelle Dortignac, Aerial Acrobat

Michelle Dortignac, Aerial AcrobatMy wife Michelle Dortignac, an Aerial Acrobatic Performer, debuted her newest piece titled “Buttobi” yesterday at the Zipper Factory Theater in NYC.

The show, called Above The Belt at the Zipper, is an evening of mixed aerial performances produced by aerialists Carla Cantrelle and Britt Nhi Sarah. Held several times a year at the Zipper Factory Theater on 37th street, Above the Belt always presents a diverse set of aerial performances and styles. The shows feature both veterans of the New York aerialist community as well as newcomers to the Aerial Arts.

I took a few pictures of Michelle’s performance (during her dress/tech rehearsal) which can be seen following: …read more →

Back it up, Mac!

For the last year, I’ve been using a great little application to make safety back-ups of my entire hard drive. It’s called SuperDuper by Shirt-Pocket.com. If you’ve got an Apple computer, SuperDuper is a super easy way to safeguard all of your data in case of a failure of your main hard drive.

SuperDuper makes an exact copy of your entire hard drive onto another hard drive; usually an external drive connected by Firewire. (Since my computer has room for 2 hard drives, I copy to the second internal drive.) But this back up method is different than an archival back up in one important way. …read more →