This Old House

Mom and DadIn May of 2006, my parents moved out of the house they lived in since 1974. They’ve moved to a wonderful new place called Glenn Arden in upstate NY. This picture was taken on the day that we closed on the old house, and had just left the keys in the mailbox for the new owners.

This house took good care of us all for many years. I’m sure that it will do a great job sheltering its new family.

Thank you 1380 Jonathan Lane.

3 Responses to “This Old House”

  1. your parents are wayyyy too cute!!!!!
    luv, pookie puddles xox

  2. Thanks pookie!

  3. Ken, you are amazing!! I love the idea of “Theoretical Ken”
    This reminds me to give your Mom a call again.
    Bill an i really miss their company.
    luv, Bernice