Do NOT try this at home

WOW! I can actually ride a unicycle fairly well, but watching this video of Kris Holm scared the CRAP out me!

I started riding unicycles in about 1978. My next door neighbor Cliff’s friends all rode unicycles, and he got his own unicycle that summer. Cliff’s sister Stephanie and I would practice riding his “wheel” when he was wasn’t using it. She then got her own unicycle, and I bought it off of her at some point. By the next summer, all of our friends either had or could ride a unicycle. Cliff and I both got really good, learning many tricks; riding backwards, riding with one foot only, spinning, up curbs, down stairs, hopping up and down, and even riding the tall “giraffe” unicycle. We all rode for years, but life goes on and there were new (career-type) skills to learn.

Fast forward to 2005 and I find out about the New York Unicycle Club. They meet twice per month (first Sunday, third Saturday) at Grant’s Tomb on 122nd street and Riverside in NYC. I dusted off my old trusty (crusty) Schwinn Unicycle and went to Grant’s Tomb. It’s perfect for unicycling with its large, flat plaza in front. What a blast! There were little kids, big adults, and a range of different types of unicycles that I had never ever seen before. Apparently, there is a huge unicycle riding world out there that blossomed when I wasn’t looking! If you’ve ever wanted to try riding a unicycle, just head on over to Grant’s Tomb (first Sunday, third Saturday of every month) and I’m sure that someone will let you try theirs. has a great selection of unicycles, gear and accessories. I got my amazingly comfortable Kris Holm unicycle seat there.

Here are a few more videos of some amazing unicycling:

Universe 1 teaser

1st place pair freestyle expert at unicon XIV

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