Rocky Roberts & Friends

Rocky Roberts and Friends

Rocky Roberts, long-time guitar technician for Neil Young (and many other fine musicians) has just released his debut album, Rocky Roberts & Friends.

Produced by Rocky Roberts and Canadian musician/producer Chris Brown, Rocky Roberts & Friends features performances by Nils Lofgren, Bill Kirchen, Sarah Harmer, Mickey Rafael, Matt Johnson, Tony Scherr, Anton Fier, Luther Wright, Jane Scarpantoni, Michael Blake, Diane DeWitt, Gary Pigg, Rosie Goodman, Michael Mazor, Ben Rubin, Jason Mercer, Teddy Kumpel, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner.

I am involved in this project in two exciting (and related) ways:

  1. My web design company, KPFdigital, has created and built the website for Rocky’s new album. The website’s visual theme, based on the CD artwork, was created by our graphic designer Michael Kroll, and I hand-coded the site (as usual) in nice clean xhtml/css. We are hosting the site on our dedicated server.
  2. The Music Store section of Rocky’s site is powered by IndieKazoo, a company that I co-founded with Eric Schwartz of Cactus Media in Austin TX. (Using IndieKazoo, any independent musician or band, with no web skills at all, can create their own full-service music download store just by following some easy instructions; and most importantly, receive 100% of their sales revenue, and receive it the same day. Oh, and it’s totally FREE for the entire first month.)

Check out Rocky’s website at, where you can be one of the first to purchase the CD directly from Rocky’s personal Music Store — powered by IndieKazoo!

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