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Manhattan Triplex Apt. for $40*


(*Dollar amount in millions)

Details here.

The Funny Formula.

Four basic forms for a joke

There exists a certain psychological state which tends to produce laughter, which is the natural phenomenon or process of “humor”, or “humor perception”.
–Thomas C. Veatch, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Here is the short scientific explanation of “funny,” and here’s the full version.

Here’s why I’ll try my best to avoid making puns ever again.

My favorite part of the above referenced paper: “Humor is emotional pain that doesn’t actually hurt.”

How To Eat Sushi

Salmon Sushi

Nigiri – Sake (salmon). Mmmmm, my favorite!

I photographed this piece of sushi at Clem & Ursie’s in Provincetown, MA, moments before devouring it.

Though there are 3 basic types of Sushi — Chirashi, Maki, and Nigiri — the most well-known form of sushi is oval-shaped or Nigiri, made with sushi rice (seasoned with a sweet vinegar mixture), various raw fish (salmon, tuna, squid, shrimp, octopus, etc.) and wasabi (japanese horseradish).

Eating sushi correctly is an exercise in manners, logistics and tradition; as illustrated in this how-to-eat-sushi video: