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Inside The Famous CBGB in NYC

Inside CBGB's (Photos by Jook Leung)

WOW! I just came across these beautiful 360 degree panoramic images taken inside of the famous CBGB club in New York City. The images (by Jook Leung) were taken 2 days before the club closed its doors forever on October 15, 2006.

If you’ve never been inside CBGB, here’s your chance to see it in all its glory, with 33 years of personality applied to every square inch of the place.

You can read the history of CBGB here on the official CBGB website.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering what CBGB and OMFUG mean, here’s a clip from the CBGB website:

The question most often asked of me is, “What does CBGB stand for?” I reply, “It stands for the kind of music I intended to have, but not the kind that we became famous for: COUNTRY BLUEGRASS BLUES.” The next question is always, “but what does OMFUG stand for?” and I say “That’s more of what we do, It means OTHER MUSIC FOR UPLIFTING GORMANDIZERS.” And what is a gormandizer? It’s a voracious eater of, in this case, MUSIC.

360 VR pictures of CBGB (by Jook Leung) from the 360VR.com website.