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Awesome NYC Tornado Video From 20th Floor Apartment in Queens



Check out the below video shot from a 20th floor apartment in Queens, NY, by YouTube member DTRAVELZ

The video is a bit shaky in places (he was in a freakin’ tornado!), but the camera clearly captures the sight of this storm approaching and absolutely engulfing the entire area. This thing passes directly over his building! Check out the intense power of the wind and the incredible amount of rain falling. The clacking sounds are likely hailstones bouncing off the glass window. Great work DTRAVELZ!

This guy is really lucky that his windows stayed intact — apparently some of the glass panes of the balcony below his were blown off.

Put this on full screen, and turn up the speakers!

YouTube – TORNADO in Queens, Highrise view

Squirrel Website Climbing Up Fast


After getting a fabulous write up over at Pawesome.net by Jolene Robichaud, The Squirrel in our Window has had more than 25,000 people visit the website over the past 4 days!

After Pawesome posted their story, it was quickly picked up by Jezebel.com, The Gothamist, Neatorama.com, and Metafilter.com. Images of the squirrel and her family were even featured on the website of Italian newspaper, La Repubblica!

But the best part has been all of the wonderful emails that visitors have sent to Mama Squirrel from the website’s squirrel contact form.

I’ve posted most of the messages to the squirrel over on the The Squirrel in our Window blog. You should go take a look!

Look for an article about the squirrels from the pets website of a popular magazine in the next few days! (Can’t say which yet…)

Two Tornadoes Hit Brooklyn and Queens During Powerful Storm

Check out the 4 frame sequence that I grabbed from the below video of Thursday’s storm here. There were about 90 seconds elapsed between the first frame and the fourth frame in my selected sequence.


The tree visible in the video stills is towering above the surrounding 2-4 story buildings — it must be about 60-70 feet tall.

While you cannot see a visible “funnel cloud” in the video, you can definitely see the sheer power of the wind, and the intensity of the rain as the storm hits and practically shreds the giant tree. It’s lucky that it’s still standing.

The NY Times is reporting that over 2000 trees in Brooklyn and Queens were toppled or fatally damaged. See incredible reader’s photos and interactive graphic here.

NY Times also reports that meteorologists have confirmed two tornadoes occurred in this storm.

The below video is kinda shaky, as the guys filming it were freaking out and running around from place to place in their apartment — and rightly so — this was a freaking scary two minutes here in Brooklyn (and Queens), and even I was looking out of our windows yelling “Holy f***ing shit!”