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Michelle Dortignac, Aerial Acrobat

Michelle Dortignac, Aerial AcrobatMy wife Michelle Dortignac, an Aerial Acrobatic Performer, debuted her newest piece titled “Buttobi” yesterday at the Zipper Factory Theater in NYC.

The show, called Above The Belt at the Zipper, is an evening of mixed aerial performances produced by aerialists Carla Cantrelle and Britt Nhi Sarah. Held several times a year at the Zipper Factory Theater on 37th street, Above the Belt always presents a diverse set of aerial performances and styles. The shows feature both veterans of the New York aerialist community as well as newcomers to the Aerial Arts.

I took a few pictures of Michelle’s performance (during her dress/tech rehearsal) which can be seen following: …read more →

This Old House

Mom and DadIn May of 2006, my parents moved out of the house they lived in since 1974. They’ve moved to a wonderful new place called Glenn Arden in upstate NY. This picture was taken on the day that we closed on the old house, and had just left the keys in the mailbox for the new owners.

This house took good care of us all for many years. I’m sure that it will do a great job sheltering its new family.

Thank you 1380 Jonathan Lane.

Hello World

No really, Hello World. My name is Kenneth Feldman and I’d like to introduce myself.

Instead of emailing my friends and family each time I see something interesting out here on the Internet, I figured I should just make a blog.

I’ll have pictures to look at, links to interesting and useful things, answers to life’s easier questions, and news about what’s going on for Michelle and me.

It’s nice to meet you.