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“Blade Runner: The Final Cut”
& The Oakland-Berkeley Hills Fire

Blade Runner still image: Blade Runner Partnership

Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” opens Friday in NYC, and I really want to go see it. After 25 years, director Ridley Scott has re-released the film with lost scenes and plot lines added back in, and original effects scenes digitally scanned at 8,000 lines per frame, and then carefully retouched. This is the version that he was trying to make in 1982. After going over-budget at the time, the financiers of the film took over and Scott had to bend steeply to their wishes. A narration track was written and added, and the film was given a happy ending. Ironically, footage used as backdrops for the new happy ending — scenes of rolling countryside — were borrowed from Stanley Kubrick; out-takes from The Shining! …read more →